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If patient presents with known or suspected source of infection, such as:


  • Cough suggestive of pneumonia

  • Complaint of urinary tract problems in past or present

  • Skin infection

  • Known to be immune suppressed



If any two of the following three symptoms are present:


  • Altered Mental Status (GCS < 13) and / or

  • Systolic blood pressure < 100 mm Hg and / or

  • Respiratory rate > 22/min



  • Monitor

  • Pulse oximetry < 95% - High flow O2 by mask or NC at 6 l/min

  • Fluid Bolus:


- BP < 100 systolic and lungs clear to auscultation (no CHF or pulmonary edema): 250mL NS bolus - MR to max of 1 liter to maintain perfusion.


- If BP < 90 systolic after 1 liter of NS or if evidence of CHF, BHC


ALS Escort to nearest, early notification to hospital that patient may be septic


qSOFA - quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment


- Frequent site sources of infection: pulmonary, urinary tract, and skin/soft tissue.


- Caution with persons who have suppressed immune systems or increased risk of sepsis.


- Caution with fluid overload if history of CHF or renal disease – avoid fluid overload.  


- Contact Base of signs of Pulmonary Edema develop.

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