Base contact required

Base Contact Required in all of the following situations:

1. Specialty Receiving:

  • SNRC

  • PTRC

  • CVRC

  • Burn

  • Vascular (AAA)

  • Replant Center patients

2. Inter-Facility Transports (IFTs)

3. Full Arrest:

  • ROSC

  • requesting pronouncement

  • family questioning DNR/POLST

4. MCI

5. Snake Envenomations

6. PEDS Drowning

7. Severe Hyperthermia

8. End of Life Situations

9. Field Delivery  / OB Hypertension

10. AICD firing twice or more times in less than 15 min

11. Triage Decisions

12. AMA Issues: 

  • Patients for whom a 12-lead was performed and then requests to sign out AMA.

  • ALTE / BRUE patients.  

  • ALS refusal with question of capacity.

  • Complicated AMA’s - refusal to go to specialty, complicated DNR, etc…

  • Patient signing AMA that meets Base Hospital Contact criteria.

  • Patients signing AMA with abnormal vital signs (see Unstable Vitals above).

13. Transport Issues: 

  • Any transport or destination issues.

14. Diversion:

  • No pt. may be transported to a Hospital on Diversion without a BHO.

  • After contact has been made to 3 Hospitals on Diversion, make Base Hospital Contact for destination.

  • Base Hospital has final decision on destination of all patients.

15. Procedures: 

  • Needle Thor - For patients with pulses (SO in MCI, remote rescue, tactically unstable scene)

  • Pacing - Contact the Base for possible transport to CVRC

  • PEDS - SVT treatment

  • PEDS V-Tach with pulses 

  • PEDS cardioversion

16. Medications requiring Base Hospital Order:

  • Adenosine (Peds)            

  • Push Dose Epi (Adult/Peds)    

  • Amiodarone (Peds)

  • Nitroglycerin (Peds)

  • ASA (Peds)

  • Versed for pre-cardioversion sedation (Adult/Peds)

  • Epinephrine for Asthma (Adult)

Special Circumstances:
  • Victims of sexual assault should be transported to the nearest PRC or PTRC.

  • OC Paramedics are NOT allowed to “Medically Clear” a patient.

  • Base Hospital Contact shall be made for complicated calls

**Complete 330.15 tab on the ePCR when BHC required and not completed**


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