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12 lead review

Management of a STEMI (ST Elevation MI) is driven by three goals:

  1. Delivering patient to appropriate health care facility

  2. Preventing sudden death and controlling arrhythmias

  3. Initiating/continuing management of patients during transfer


STEMI exists when an ECG of a patient with Acute Chest Pain shows:

  1. > 1-mm ST-segment elevation in > 2 contiguous limb leads

  2. > 1-mm ST-segment elevation in precordial leads V4 - V6

  3. > 2-mm ST-segment elevation in V1 - V3

  4. Or a new left bundle branch block


**Review all 12 leads for artifact and consider acquiring new 12 lead**


Considered Acute MI:

  1. ***Acute MI***

  2. ***STEMI***

  3. Acute ST Elevation Infarct

  4. Probable Acute ST Elevation Infarct

  5. Acute Infarction

  6. Infarct, Probably Acute

  7. Infarct, Possible Acute

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