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neuromuscular blockade


1.  Assure endotracheal tube is in good position and documented

    • Listen for bilateral breath sounds
    • No Epigastric sounds

    • Capnography reading and documented


2.  Monitor cardiac rhythm and vital signs


3.  Constant observation and frequent re-assessment of airway


4.  Assure constant ventilation


5.  If endotracheal tube becomes dislodged, remove and support ventilation with BVM during remainder of transport


6.  Avoid injury, i.e., correctly position patient and make sure patient’s eyes are gently taped closed


7.  Question transferring facility personnel prior to transport

  • Will the neuromuscular blocking agent wear off before hospital arrival?

  • Is the patient sedated and pain free?


If an adult requires additional sedation during transport and systolic BP greater than 90:



Midazolam (Versed)

ADULT: Additional Sedation

IV:       5 mg once SO.


If a child (13 months to less than 15 years) requires additional sedation during transport, contact Base Hospital (if 911 transport) for further orders.




Patient physical and mental status on arrival to destination and inform receiving staff if Versed administered

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