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Glucose Preparation

Glucose Gel (31 Gm tube / 24 Gm Sugar)

ADULT:    Administer 1 tube between the cheek and gums.

PEDS:       ≥ 2 years: Administer 1 tube between the cheek and gums.


Glucose Solution (100 Gm/296 mL 10 oz.)

ADULT:    Orally.

PEDS:       ≤ 6 months: 30 mL orally, avoid administration to pts.


Glucose Tablets (4 Gm chewable tablet)

ADULT:    3 tablets orally.

PEDS:       ≥ 5 years: 1 tablet orally.


Granulated Sugar (5 Gm packet)

ADULT:   3 packets orally.

PEDS     1 packets in liquid, orally.


- Alert (airway gag reflex is intact), Blood glucose < 60 mg%, or between 60-80 mg% and symptomatic, or suspected hypoglycemia, and unable to establish an IV.



- Recheck blood glucose levels prior to administering a second dose.

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