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Amputation / Re-Impalnt

PTRC for Replant Evaluation:


Cleanly cut amputations to:

- Thumb proximal to or at the inter-phalangeal joint (joint below thumb nail)

- Multiple digits proximal to mid-phalanx (middle bone of finger)

- Complete or partial hand

- Upper extremity – shoulder to wrist

- Amputation in a child (excluding pad avulsions)

- Amputation of the penis



- For any amputation in a child (excluding finger pad avulsions), make BHC for destination.


Patient does not meet Replant Criteria if (Nearest PCR or PTRC):

- Crush injury w/ amputation

- Amputations at multiple levels (multiple amputations of same body part)

- Fingertip amputations

- Single finger in an adult (Excluding the thumb)

- Self-mutilation w/ prior self-mutilation attempts

- Amputations greater than 6 hours old



- Leg amputations are not considered replant criteria, but leg amputations at or above the knee should be considered for transport to nearest trauma center for trauma stabilization.



- Fentanyl for pain

- Morphine for pain



  • For bleeding that cannot be controlled by direct pressure, apply tourniquet and tighten incrementally to least amount of pressure required to stop or limit bleeding.

  • Apply hemostatic dressing or sterile saline moistened dressing to amputated area for uncontrolled bleeding.



**Base Hospital Contact if meets re-implant criteria

**Contact Base to determine which re-implant center is up for the day

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