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Altered level of consciousness/mental status.
Altered GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale),
Hypertensive patient (usually with diastolic > 100 mmHg),
One-sided weakness (including facial asymmetry),
Slurred speech, Headache (sudden/severe),
Neurological deficits (weakness, gaze to one side, asymmetric pupils), Vomiting,
Neck pain,
Arm (Pronator) drift


Indications: pt. with own ASA and chest pain consistent with cardiac origin who is awake and alert
Do Not Give (Contraindications): known ASA allergy, hx of bleeding disorder or recent GI bleeding (including ulcers), hx of asthma and nasal polyps, hx unreliable or unobtainable, pt’s ASA if expired or obviously deteriorated



  • ALS unit enroute, complete assessment (including med hx, meds, allergies),

  • 02 therapy,

  • Ask if ASA already taken (including how much and when) and document this

  • If not contraindicated, assist pt in chewing or swallowing four baby ASA (81 mg each) or one 325 mg tabs,

  • Update V/S every 5 min. and document ASA given and give detailed report to ALS unit on arrival.

    Document: Complete assessment and V/S, Description of need to assist pt. w/ ASA, Time for ASA admin and brand name of ASA taken

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