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When in Failsafe:

- Contact closest Base (not necessarily the Base normally used)

- Make initial contact on the Bravo side first.

- The Base will decide to run the call on Bravo or move it to Alpha

- Avoid making contact by telephone (last resort).

- If phone contact is unavoidable, make initial contact on Alpha channel.


What is Failsafe?

- A feature of the Paramedic Coordinated Communications System that provides a back-up mode of communications should OCC experience failure.


When is Failsafe utilized?

- When OCC can no longer perform the necessary functions of bio-medical communications coordination.  This may be due to backbone failures (such as power, telephone or microwave), technical failure at the OCC facility or if OCC was evacuated during a fire, hazardous material or other situation.


Notification of Failsafe

- OCC will notify each fire dispatch center and Base Hospital by telephone, intercom, landline or public safety radio.


De-activation of Failsafe

- When the necessity for Failsafe no longer exists, OCC will notify each Base Hospital and fire dispatch center, which in turn will notify their paramedic units.


FCC requirements

- Normal FCC requirements apply to Failsafe operations.  The MICN and paramedic shall clear the frequency at the conclusion of the run by announcing the call sign KIZ620.



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