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Indications: Suspected narcotic overdose, when response unit is stocked and equipment for Naloxone administration.


Contraindications: None



  • Suspected narcotic overdose

  • Victim is poorly responsive and respiratory rate appears slow or shallow, or victim is unresponsive and not breathing


Procedure: ensure ALS unit is en route

  • Stimulate the victim to determine unresponsiveness.


NARCAN Administer Narcan Nasal Spray 4 mg preloaded single dose device

  • Administer full dose in one nostril

  • Plug other nostril

Naloxone - Pre-fill syringe

  • Assemble 2 mg Naloxone in syringe and atomizer

  • Administer 1 mg into each nostril (½) total dose into each nostril

  • May repeat once










Post Narcan Treatment:  After Narcan administration, observe for improved breathing and consciousness; if breathing or consciousness do not improve, assist breathing with bag-valve-mask or begin CPR if appropriate.  If CPR not necessary and it is possible, place patient in left lateral position to avoid aspiration.


Documentation:  Time of assistance with auto-injector, dose given, response to treatment and repeat V/S, route (IN)

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