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The Algorithm section lays out a step by step process for different types of calls.  Drugs and Procedures are discussed in the order in which they are performed on the call.

These Algorithms are not a replacement for common sense, if a patient is presenting with unique signs and symptoms that do not fall within the normal call type, Base Hospital Contact could be warranted.

  • Allergic Reaction - Adult

  • Allergic Reaction - PEDS

  • Asystole - Adult (Updated 10/1/20)

  • Asystole - PEDS

  • Bradycardia - Adult

  • Bradycardia - PEDS

  • Ebola Flow Chart

  • SVT - Adult

  • Trauma Triage

  • Hyperglycemia (Updated 10/1/20)

  • V-Fib / V-Tach (Updated 10/1/20)

  • V-Fib / V-Tach PEDS

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